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Open Arms Therapy 501(c)3 non-profit EIN #: 263791075

Volunteer Support

OAT could not operate without the dedicated help of volunteers.   There are numerous positions that require a wide variety of talents.  Some positions may require prior experience or may require special training.  For more information please email  

Horse related services

  • Feeding
  • Stall Cleaning
  • Grooming
  • Facility Maintenance

Riding Lesson related services

  • NARHA Registered/Advanced Instructors - someone who has earned certification from the North American Riding for the Handicap Association, a nationally recognized organization for therapeutic riding.
  • Associate Instructors - those who are currently training to become instructors and work under the guidance of an instructor
  • Leader - a person who controls the horse during grooming and the lesson. 
  • Sidewalker - the primary responsibility of a sidewalker is to ensure the safety of the rider.  The degree of assistance from the sidewalker will depend on the balance of the participant.  Sidewalkers who accompany poorly balanced riders must be of adequate height and fitness to be able to walk briskly beside a horse for an average of 30 minutes while supporting the participant with one arm elevated at the riders waist, thigh or heel.  There are Interactive Sidewalkers and Supportive Sidewalkers.

Professional Services

  • Veterinarian services
  • Farrier (Hoof care) services
  • Medical team - composed of a variety of medical backgrounds (doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists, etc.) who can offer their time and expertise to help identify each participant’s needs and limitations, review participant medical history, and to oversee the overall safety and well-being of all participants.
  • Accounting Services
  • Legal Services

General Services

  • Volunteer Committees
  • Publicity and Communication Support (PR Support)
  • Fundraising Support


CLICK HERE for Volunteer Forms

** ONLINE ** Donations can be made through our Charity listing on ... please make a donation now! (click here)

Financial Support

OAT is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our organization will rely strongly on the local support of the community as well as support we hope to gain outside the community through corporate, state and national organizations.   There are many ways you can make a financial contribution to our organization.

  • A one-time cash donation
  • Give a Gift
    • Adopt-A-Horse - $200.00 per month or $2400.00 per year
    • Adopt-A-Rider - $150.00 per month or $1800.00 per year
  • Different levels of Sponsorship - Sponsors will be listed by level here on our web page
    • Diamond $1000.00
    • Gold $500.00
    • Silver $100.00
    • Bronze $50.00
  • Choose OAT for charitable donations "in lieu of flowers" for funeral services
  • Leave a Legacy in your will for OAT  - of course your loved ones come first but even a small gift to OAT will help ensure the program's success in the future
  • Donate Equipment – contact us or check out our "Wish List"
  • Donate Feed – contact us for feed needs or donate money to the businesses listed below 
  • Donate Transportation - Donate a Truck or Trailer or donate Fuel
  • **Donate a permenant facility** – OAT is in need of a permanent location.  We need a barn to stall our horses, store tack & feed and an all-purpose room for training and meetings.  We need a riding arena for our lessons; preferably partially or fully enclosed so we can continue therapy through inclement weather.  We are in need of turn-out for the well-being of our horses. 

For more information please email

We appreciate your support! 


OAT has an account set up at the following locations where money can be deposited for use by OAT on feed, tack and supplies.  These locations have agreed to offer their products and/or services at a discounted rate for our organization. 

  • Stockman’s Feedbunk
  • Twist Junction Veterinary Service

OAT has a bank account with First National Bank, Dalhart (TX) and a deposit can be made directly to our account at the bank location.  We apologize but were are not set up to receive credit card or pay pal payments at this time.

CLICK HERE for donation forms

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