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OAT is in need of Volunteers!!!

Please consider volunteering.  It takes all kinds to make our program successful. 

Professionals * Families * Youth

It is a great community service project for 4-H, Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA or other area groups.

Side Walkers and Horse Handlers:

  • Cindy & Rocky Hiner
  • Mike & Shirley Newman


~ A poem written by Karen Stuchlik and dedicated to her mother Cindy Hiner

Open Arms

I can feel what's not said.
I listen to what's not understood.
I can feel 'looks' as people walk by.
I wonder how it can be?
Imprisoned ... in this body of mine.
My soul, my spirit is here.
I can't feel so much more.
Your love with understanding

of what is unknown to me.

I wonder how can it be?
'Love' showed me I'm not imprisoned.
The love with you, I feel.
Now I know I'm not alone.
I can see how it can be.
Open Arms, to me, opens my world.
I see now it’s to be unknown.
You opened your heart to me.
Now I have the greatest view
because ... God sent me, to you!

I wish ...  everyone had someone like you.
My angel sent from God through Open Arms.

~ Karen Stuchlik


Fundraiser and other Volunteers:

  • Betty Fletcher

** Volunteer Archives **

Bettina Shultz, MA, NCC, LPC

Felipe Lugo

the Lance Fisk family

Michelle Lea Aduddell

Slatton Murdock

Shirley, Cindy and Jerry Cozbey assist Caleb riding Cricket

CLICK HERE for Volunteer Application forms

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