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OAT Kids at Stock Show 2011

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Here are some of our OAT kids at the 2011 Dallam/Hartley 4-H Stock Show!

Isaac Clemens showed in the Junior 4-H Rabbit portion of the stock show while his younger brother Michael Clemens showed in Pee Wee Showmanship with a few different animals.  Congratulations on a job well done boys!

2011/family07701.jpg 2011/family076.jpg 2011/family074.jpg 2011/family072.jpg
2011/family070.jpg 2011/family069.jpg 2011/family067.jpg 2011/family066.jpg
2011/family064.jpg 2011/family063.jpg 2011/Caleb_Cricket3.jpg 2011/Caleb_Cricket2.jpg
2011/Caleb_Cricket.jpg 2011/plaque.jpg 2011/Newmans.jpg 2011/Building.jpg
2011/Tibby.jpg 2011/Caleb.jpg 2011/MikeIsaacPumpkin.jpg 2011/BrianNicholasHank2.jpg
2011/BrianNicholasHank.jpg 2011/AndreaMichaelBluebird.jpg 2011/Gregory_Pumpkin.jpg 2011/NicholasJennifer_Hank_2.JPG
2011/NicholasJennifer_Hank.JPG 2011/MilesNicholeShirley_MrBlue.JPG 2011/IsaacAndrea_Pumpkin.JPG 2011/BrianMichael_Bluebird.JPG
2011/Miles_May2010.jpg 2011/Isaac_May2010.JPG 2011/Dale_May2010.JPG

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