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Lance leading Texas for Dale Robbins

The Fisk Family – Lance, Kim and Liana

Lance was born and raised in Dalhart but left in 1993, traveling north via the rodeo circuit as a bareback rider.  He lived for a time in Moscow, Idaho before settling in Billing Montana where he worked as a truck driver. 

Kimberley was born in Gardena California but grew up pre-dominenantly in the San Francisco area.  She left in 1993 to join the Army and was stationed out of Tacoma Washington where Liana was born.  The two moved back to California where Kimberley began attending college but moved to Billings Montana in 1999 when she was accepted to Rocky Mountain College Physicians Assistant Program.  Kim and Lance married in 2002 and planned to stay in Montana indefinitely but moved briefly to New Haven Connecticut following Kim’s work.  City life in Connecticut however did not agree with the family.  They moved back to Dalhart in 2005 to be near family and enjoy rural life once again.  They now live on a farm just outside town where they have collected a hodgepodge of misfit animals including horses, donkeys, mules, cows, chickens, dogs, goats and a wide assortment of cats.  Lance works for an independently contracted company that ships cheese for Hilmar.  Kimberley works as a PA at the Dalhart prison unit and Liana is in the 8th grade at Dalhart Junior High.

Lance trailers 2 horses to the riding sessions each week and he and Liana were a HUGE help volunteering their horse and their "walking legs" in the 2009 XIT Parade where they either side-walked or handled a horse for the entire distance of the parade!  Their big sorrel gelding “Texas” is perfect in the program.  Lance is also training a young horse to be used in the program.  Lance helps handle horses and side-walk as needed.  Liana also helps with horse handling and side-walking.  Kim on the other hand … while her smiling face is often present … I just have this hunch she is up to something … perhaps she is CIA!  Just ask her for the alternate version of her story Smile

Liana Fisk leading Gavin on Texas.

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