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Cricket came to our program on October 27th, 2010.  Our farrier, Beau Peters, out of Amarillo, TX also attends horses for Blarney Stone Equestrian Center in Lubbock, TX.  When he heard that Kathleen O'Shea, owner of Blarney Stone, was looking to place her Welch-cross pony named Cricket in a new home he suggested the Open Arms Therapy program.  Kristen contacted Kathleen and arrangements were made to transport the pony from Lubbock to Amarillo where Roberta and Cindy met Kathleen.  The pony was adopted by the program and will reside at the home of Roberta Hollers and facility of Open Arms Therapy. 

Cricket is 5 year old welsh-cross pony.  Slightly taller than a Shetland she is the perfect height for some of our smaller participants; specifically those who require a lot of assistance from side walkers.  Her height makes it much easier to assist without causing fatigue to shoulders and arms of those side walking and it ensures a more stable and secure hold on the rider.  Cricket is black, as her name suggests, with a beautiful long mane and tail.  Cricket has been used as a lesson pony for the Blarney Stone training facility for a few years where she was ridden English and Western.  She has even been started over some small jumps. In addition to serving the children of Blarney Stone; Cricket raised one foal last year.  She is a gentle spirit with a kind eye and a very willing and honest personality. 

Caleb Hiner was the first to ride Cricket.  Caleb rode for nearly 30 minutes!  He was so vocal and so obviously 'happy' that it was an inspiration to all who were there to witness.  Cricket settled in and did not mind his loud vocalization or his wiggling; she seemed quite happy with her new job.  We are so thankful to Beau Peters for his referral and to Kathleen O'Shea for her generosity to our program. 

to learn more about Blarney Stone Equestrian Center visit their link

Nicholas Gill riding Cricket

Nicholas Gill riding Cricket

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