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2009 XIT Parade Photo Gallery

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2009 XIT Rodeo and Reunion

Dalhart, TX


"We have wild dreams of big rides"

The first annual OAT float!  Here are a collection of photos from the XIT Rodeo and Reunion parade held August 8th, 2009 in Dalhart, TX.  The parade which begins at 10:00 a.m. at the inter-section of Texas Blvd and Denrock travels down to 3rd St. and across to Denver and then back to Texas Blvd.  The parade was over 1.5 hours long this year.  We hope to make the OAT float an annual tradition.  Look for us again in 2010!


click on a  thumbnail to see the enlarged photo and please be patient as some take several seconds to load ... thanks for looking! OAT

2009XITParade/2009XITParadeDestiny.JPG 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeHorses1.JPG 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeFloat3.jpg 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeWTG.jpg
2009XITParade/2009XITParadeFloat2.JPG 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeRoberta.jpg 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeKristenXoe.jpg 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeKaylaBluebird.jpg
2009XITParade/2009XITParadeHorses2.jpg 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeHankRoberta.jpg 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeFloat7.JPG 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeFloat6.jpg
2009XITParade/2009XITParadeFloat5.jpg 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeFloat4.jpg 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeFloat1.JPG 2009XITParade/2009XITParadeDale.JPG

Thank you


for "pimping our ride!"

OAT would like to thank Darrell Lansford and Donnie McWhirter the local managers of Dalhart WTG for providing the truck, trailer and driver for our first of many XIT Float.  Driver, Rusty Hembree is employed by WTG and the husband of OAT Director, Kristen Hembree.  Rusty not only drove the truck which pulled the float but was also responsible for washing, making safe and assisting with decoration of the float.

OAT would also like to thank all of our Volunteers who helped build and prepare the float and a SPECIAL THANKS to our Volunteers who lead horses or side-walked in the parade!  That was a huge responsibility and a long distance to walk - THANKS!!!

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